HCS Whisky Fund led-by the legendary Howard Cai’s is the first-ever Blockchain-based whiskey investment fund. It provides exposure to Fine Scottish Whiskey as an asset class.

Whisky aficionados and Investors can diversify their portfolios with this unique Security token offering.

“Turning wholesale whisky into an asset investable for individuals is a very unique idea. Whisky’s nature — that its value increases as it ages — is completely different from other commodities…” — Bloomberg.

#HCSWhisky Security Token now trading exclusively on Cryptosx Digital Assets Exchange platform.

Visit Cryptosx.io to get started now.
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Following our partnership with Dignity Corporation, we are delighted to announce that the #DIGau token will be available for trading on Cryptosx Exchange from January 11th, 2022.

Dignity Corp is a world-renown US-based corporation that is crafting a revolutionary approach to Gold assets investments by introducing an ERC-20 Security token…

Following our Partnership with Brishsun Energy Group, (a world-leading player in the Sustainable Energy and Renewable batteries tech space.) We are pleased to Introduce the 2U Ecosystem!

A unique platform that seamlessly connects the world of Entertainment, Shopping, Gaming, Health, and Finance, with cutting-edge blockchain technology!

What’s Happened in the Crypto World This Week?

It’s another Sunday and the Cryptosx editorial team brings you another edition of the landmark events that shaped the cryptocurrency markets and the blockchain world at large during the past week.

Price Watch

The Crypto market witnessed a bit of a slow…

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